Appearance design

Provide lamps and the LED as light source product modelling design and creativity

The structure design

Lamps and lanterns of the structure of the product design, waterproof and dustproof design

Power supply design

Professional LED power supply, driver design and validation

Optical design

To meet different application scenarioses light distribution requirements for lighting products

Thermodynamic optimization design

Thermodynamic simulation and optimization design

Testing and certification

Provide product testing and certification services

Mould development

Mold development and follow-up service, to better ensure the delivery of products from design to production, so that the innovative design for quality assurance

Rapid proofing

Professional lever production, through the lever proofing test, check product related issues in the design process, to reduce the wind mould design

Risk of form a complete set of spare parts

Provide structure, optics parts, light source, power, drive, control module, such as consulting services and supplies

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